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Don’t Just Inform Your Website Visitors… “Call Them To Action”

Article written by Leo Welder, founder and CEO of Zilker Holdings, LLC Creating a new website for your business is an exciting process. In your mind, you’ll be thinking of all the great things about you, your team, your services and your products that you want to share with your visitors. You’ll tell them why you’re the best at what you do and all the reasons people should want to … Read more

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3 Amazing Websites and Why They Work

After combing through our blog, absorbing everything from creating online personas to why brand identity and logos are helpful for your business you’ve retained all of the knowledge necessary to be a site building buff. The only thing standing between you and a traffic driving, profit building, top performing website is, well, a website itself. So you know all of the key pointers to produce your picture-perfect site, but are … Read more

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