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5-Minute Website Fixes: Creating a Contact Page with a Custom Map Banner Image

Throughout our 5-minute website fix series, we’ve brought you quick, pain-free ways to update your site. We’ve filled you in on driving conversions with landing pages, giving your site the Flat look, creating custom backgrounds as well as many more tricks of the trade. This week, we’re excited to show you our latest tip to give your site a modern appeal – creating a contact page with a custom map … Read more

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5-minute website fixes: Adding a favicon to your site

You wake up this morning, stumble out of bed and start your morning routine. Slippers? Check. Breakfast? Check. Coffee? Check. With everything in order on this typical Friday, you login to your computer and casually browse the Internet, catching up on the hot topics you may have missed in your slumber. First stop: CNN. You type in the URL and upon page-load, something catches your eye that you’ve never noticed … Read more

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