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6 Ways to Get Google and Yelp Reviews

Say it’s a Friday night, and you just finished a movie at the local theater. You and your significant other are happy to be out of the stuffy, jam-packed flick and are now pining for a scoop of ice cream in a freshly made sugar cone. You quickly pull out your smart phone, hop on Yelp and start combing through reviews weighing out your best options. You find that less … Read more

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How to Create Effective CTAs

A “Call-to-Action” (CTA) is a word or phrase that urges a website visitor to take an immediate action (e.g. buy now, call now or create account). In essence, it is the primary action you want a visitor to take after reading your message. A CTA can be in the form of a text link or a button.   Before creating a CTA for your webpage you should analyze each of … Read more

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Drive Traffic to Your Yola Site, Strategy #2: Create Content

“Content is king” is a common mantra among online marketing pros, and for good reason. Offering enough of the right content is crucial to your Yola website’s success, with your audience and with search engines. Put in the extra effort to ensure that your site content is: → Fresh – Update and add content frequently so visitors have a reason to become regulars. → Well stocked – Build up and … Read more

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