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One simple concept for killer small business content

Guest writer Megan Totka of ChamberofCommerce.com gives readers insight on one easy concept to building better content. Read more

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Google announces “Google My Business” to help businesses get found online and connect to customers

There are over 3.5 billion Google searches made daily. When it comes to the success of an online businesses, Google plays a critical role in helping them get found. Yesterday, Google announced another game changer for businesses worldwide – Google My Business. Google My Business offers a one-stop-shop for businesses to get found via Google Search, Google Maps and Google+. This makes it easier for businesses to update their business … Read more

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Get The Most Out of Your Business’s Google+ Page: Part Two

By Jessica Edmondson Instead of spreading yourself thin by having a presence in all popular social media channels out there, you should save your time and effort by marketing your small business with a select few channels. And one of those channels should be Google+. G+ has reached 343 million users, surpassing that of both LinkedIn and Twitter. And if you’re looking to market your small and even mirco-sized business … Read more

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Get The Most Out of Your Business’s Google+ Page: Part One

Guest post written by Jessica Edmondson. You’ve heard it a million times. As a small business, you must have a Facebook page, and a Twitter profile, and you should also be on LinkedIn and Google+, and hey, why not throw Pinterest in there too? It’s not that this advice is wrong, really. All of these platforms can be an important part for your content marketing calendar. It’s just that different … Read more

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How to Make Your Small Site Look Bigger to Google

Guest post by Megan Totka, chief editor for ChamberofCommerce.com. The phrase “search engine optimization” strikes fear into the hearts of marketers, webmasters and small business owners alike. SEO is oftentimes the elephant in the room when it comes to our Internet marketing efforts; we know what we should be doing, but actually carrying out a successful, consistent strategy is much easier said than done. While the specifics of SEO may … Read more

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