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Don’t Just Inform Your Website Visitors… “Call Them To Action”

Article written by Leo Welder, founder and CEO of Zilker Holdings, LLC Creating a new website for your business is an exciting process. In your mind, you’ll be thinking of all the great things about you, your team, your services and your products that you want to share with your visitors. You’ll tell them why you’re the best at what you do and all the reasons people should want to … Read more

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The website your Thanksgiving is missing

After much prepping, you’re all set for Thanksgiving. You have all of the ingredients for your grandmother’s famous turkey recipe, a menu that includes two stuffing options (even though you’ll never understand stuffing without onions), and you’ve even ordered a tofu mock turkey for your vegetarian niece. Flights are booked, and hotel accommodations are arranged, but it still feels as though there is something you have yet to prepare – … Read more

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