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Site Building Advice 2

The Psychology behind Good Website Content

Writing website content takes a little bit of magic and a little bit of love. Copy is meant to be compelling and shouldn’t bore. It should also clearly display who you are and what you do. We know what good content looks like when we see it. But how do we create it? To answer this question, understanding a little bit about the psychology of language helps. The University College … Read more

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Promoting Your Website 4

Drive Traffic to Your Yola Site, Strategy #2: Create Content

“Content is king” is a common mantra among online marketing pros, and for good reason. Offering enough of the right content is crucial to your Yola website’s success, with your audience and with search engines. Put in the extra effort to ensure that your site content is: → Fresh – Update and add content frequently so visitors have a reason to become regulars. → Well stocked – Build up and … Read more

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Promoting Your Website 7

5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Yola Website

Congratulations on your new website! You’ve opened yourself up to online audiences around the world. So how do you make sure the right ones find you and keep coming back? This post gives you an introduction to five effective strategies. #1 – Get Social! Extend your web presence by setting yourself up on major social media sites. Remember always to link back to your website! Seven key sites to join … Read more

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Promoting Your Website 20

Five Ways to Make Google Penguin Love You

Google has been making big changes to search—changes that affect the way it assesses your Yola website. Starting with Google Panda and now with Google Penguin, it has been ranking search results based not only on how well web pages answer a user query, but also on site quality. This means that former mainstays of search engine optimization (SEO), like placing enough of the right keywords in the right places, … Read more

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