Using the My e-Shop app to manage your Online Store

The My e-Shop mobile app allows you to manage your store's sales and upload new products through your mobile device.

Here are some of the great features that the app offers:

  • A dashboard listing your sales and last orders
  • Upload new products directly to your store
  • View all your sales placed in your store even if you're offline
  • View all the necessary order details: ordered products, product options, customers billing, and shipping addresses, etc.
  • Change order statuses and assign tracking numbers.
  • Call or email customers right from the order details page. 
  • Search for specific orders by date, payment and fulfillment statuses
  • View unfinished sales and complete them manually right from the app.
  • Enhanced security: protect your customers' sensitive info using a passcode lock. 
To manage your Online Store using this app, please follow these steps:

1. In the Sitebuilder, go to Menu > Store.

2. Click Promotions > Mobile

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3. Click the Get the App button.

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There are two ways to get the Online Store app. 

Option 1: Using SMS

1. Enter your Phone number.
2. Click the Send Me the App button. 
3. You will receive a text message which contains a link. Click on the link provided. 

Option 2: Using QR code

1. Scan the QR code icon with a QR code reader on your device.
2. Follow the prompt to open the URL link.

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Once you've arrived on the app page, click the Install button. 

Android example:                                                                          iPhone example:
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Once the app is installed, you will have access to your Online Store. 

Android example:                                                                         iPhone example:
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