Using the Column Divider Widget

An alternative option to the Layout button is the Column Divider Widget (located in the Widgets > Popular menu). It's a great way to change the look and design of your page. You can add widgets inside the two columns, or even more Column Divider Widgets inside one of the columns to create even more columns!

The center divider of the Column Divider Widget can be dragged to the left or right to change the size of the columns.

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You can also edit the margins by clicking on the "Margin" link on the top left-hand corner of the widget. This will open up a screen that allows you to adjust the margins which will control the spacing around the outside of the Column Divider Widget. You can adjust the margins individually by entering the value desired into each box in the diamond formation (top, right, bottom, left). You can also have your margins be created equally on all sides by dragging the slider to the right to increase the margin size and to the left to decrease it.

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You can also control the padding within the columns by clicking on Column Padding. You can control the padding for the left-hand column and for the right-hand column by either inputting individual values or by using the slider bar. It is a good idea to create a padding so that content from the columns do not appear to "run together" on the page. Click "Save" to return to the Sitebuilder.

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You can easily create more than two columns by following these steps:

1. Click on Widgets > Popular.

2. Drag and drop a Column Divider Widget onto your page.

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3. Then drag and drop another Column Divider Widget inside it.

4. Drag the blue center axis to resize the columns to the desired width. Click on "Margin" and/or "Column Padding" to enter the values needed to create spacing outside or inside the Column Divider Widget.

5. Drop additional widgets inside the columns to add content, for example a Text Widget if you wish to write, a Picture Widget if you wish to add a picture. This is a great way to add a row of pictures!

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