Tutorial: Using Pixabay royalty-free images on Yola Websites

We've partnered with Pixabay to bring you stunning, royalty-free and copyright-free stock images to use on your website. Yola Silver and Yola Gold customers have immediate access to Pixabay's huge library, which comprises of over 400,000 stock images, right in the Yola Sitebuilder through the File Manager. These attractive, high quality images are free for you to use!

To get started, open the File Manager:

1. Click Files.

User-added image

2. In the File Manager, click Add Stock Images.

User-added image

3. In the Pixabay dialog box that opens, you can either search through the Popular or New categories or you can use the search bar and enter a couple of key words.

User-added image

4. Select the image(s) you wish to use, then click on the Import to Files button.

User-added image

The file(s) will be download to your File Manager.

Once downloaded, the image file will automatically be available in the File Manager.  You can use the image by adding a Picture widget, using the Gallery widget, when editing a Banner Image, or as the page background.

It's easy to take your business online with Yola.