How do I add a PayPal online store to my site?

Online Store

The Online Store is a premium online store that supports a wide range of payment gateways, including PayPal. 

A functional and customizable addition to your site, the store includes management functions such as stock control, inventory management, discount and promotion management, and shipping control. This powerful feature will help you build your reputation as a professional, reliable merchant. With support for over 40 languages, and support for most currencies, you'll be able to reach even more customers than ever. 

To read more about how the Online Store can help you grow your business, take a look at our FAQ

Yola also has three basic PayPal widgets which are only available to users who have signed up prior to December 17, 2016. You can find them by clicking Widgets. Then, in the drop-down menu, select Ecommerce.

Basic e-commerce widgets

To be able to use these widgets, you need to sign up on www.paypal.com for a free Premier or Business account. Once your account with PayPal has been created, you are ready to add PayPal widgets to your site.

The three PayPal widgets that you can use on your site are:

  1. PayPal Product 
    Displays a single product for sale.
  2. PayPal Catalog 
    Add this to your page to neatly display more than one product for sale.
  3. Donation 
    Allows people to make donations and contributions to your cause.

Take a look at our tutorial that explains how to get started with these widgets: Setting up the PayPal e-commerce Widgets.

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