Adding Password Protection

Yola allows you to create a private website, or make part of your site private, by password protecting certain pages on your site.

What this feature allows you to do:

  • Assign a single login ID (username) and password to your site.
  • Choose whether you want to lock (password protect) all the pages on your site.
  • You can then share the login ID and password with people you want to give access to the protected pages.
  • When they access those pages they will be asked to type in the login ID and password before being given access.

What this feature does not do:

  • Allow people to register for a username and password on your site. This is a feature we would definitely like to provide in the future. We will need to do quite a bit of development to make this possible, so we can't make any commitments about if or when it will be released.


How to use the Password Protection feature:

1. Click on Site > Site Properties.

2. Click on the Password Protection option.

User-added image

3. Add a login ID and password and tick the pages that you would like to protect.

User-added image

4. You can easily protect all your pages by clicking on "Lock All" or take off the password protection by clicking on "Unlock All".

User-added image

5. When you create a new page, you will see a check box that gives you an option to protect (lock) the new page.

User-added image

6. Click Save.

7. Preview your protected page to see what the login form will look like and to test your login and password.

8. To make the change effective on your live site, click on "Publish".