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Adding Google Checkout

Google Checkout is a checkout process that allows you to process orders and charge credit or debit cards. Google Checkout is not integrated into the Yola Sitebuilder, but you can use it by utilizing the HTML Code Widget. Here are some instructions that will help you set this up.

To get started please to go to Google Checkout.

You will need to follow through the process of setting up an account. If you already have an account with Google for other services such as Email, Analytics, AdSense or AdWords you will be able to use this account. You will be required to add various information to it such as Personal Contact Information, Public Contact Information and Product Type and Financial Information (this will require a valid credit card).

When you agree to Google's Terms of Service and the sign up is complete, you will be able to set up how you want to integrate Google Checkout with your site. You can easily set up "Buy Now" buttons which can be set up to sell multiple versions of a product. To create "Buy Now" buttons click on the "Buy Now Buttons" link.

You will be able to set up a Basic Button with one option, or a Button With Options. You will then be able to give your item a name, description and price. Once you have completed your button click "Create Button Code" and you will get a block of code.

To add this button to your site:

  1. Copy block of code that was created.
  2. Log into the Yola Sitebuilder.
  3. Drag and drop the HTML Code Widget (located in Widgets > Popular) onto your page where you want the button to appear.
  4. Paste the code and click "OK".

Please note: If you would like to put this button next to the picture of a product you can drag and drop a Column Divider Widget onto the page. Then, drag and drop a Picture Widget onto one side and an HTML Code Widget onto the other (putting the button code in the HTML Code Widget).

You can create as many buttons as you would like; simply remove the product information from the fields, add new product information and click "Create Button Code".

Click on the "Settings" tab to specify a bank account where you would like the payments to go. There are other ways you can use Google Checkout on your website such as with a pre-integrated shopping cart. Please look around Google Checkout to see if there are other ways you would like to use it.

Here is a link to the Google Checkout Merchant Help Website where you will be able to find a variety of help topics.