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Yola Mail - configuring your mail to use MS Outlook

If you would like to use MS Outlook as your email program, then you need to configure it so that you can send and receive email.

Please note: You can use the following procedure to configure any version of Outlook. Older versions of Outlook will use multiple screens and steps to capture information contained in step 5.

  1. Open Outlook. If there are no accounts currently configured in Outlook, the Wizard will launch.
    Click "Next". If you have another mail client on your computer, this window may open:
    "This guide does not cover importing settings. Select "Do not upgrade" and click "Next".
    Select "Yes" and click "Next".
    Alternatively, you can open the "Add Account Wizard" by clicking the Tools menu and select the "Account Settings" option. (Older versions: "Accounts" option.)
    The Account Settings window opens with the E-mail tab showing:
    Click the "New" button. (Older versions: "Mail" tab and "Add" button. Select "Mail" and skip to Step 5.)
  2. Click the "Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP" option and click "Next".
  3. Click the "Manually configure server setting or additional server types" checkbox and click "Next".
    Note This guide does not cover the Auto Account Setup function.
  4. Click the "Internet E-mail" option and click "Next".
  5. Provide the following information:
    • Type your name in the "Your Name" field. (This is the "Display Name" field in older versions.)
    • Type the email address given to you by your provider in the "E-mail Address" field.
    • From the "Account Type" dropdown, select POP3 or IMAP.
    • Type the address of the incoming mail server that your provider gave you in the "Incoming mail server" field.
    • Type the address of the outgoing mail server that your provider gave you in the "Outgoing mail server" (SMTP) field.
    • Type the user name given to you by your provider in the "User Name" field. (Remember, this is your full email address.)
    • Type the password given to you by your provider in the "Password" field.
    • Click the "Remember password" checkbox to select this option.
  6. Click the "More Settings" button. The Internet E-mail Settings window opens.
  7. Click the "Outgoing Server" tab.
  8. Ensure the "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" checkbox is selected. If not is not, click it.
  9. Ensure the "Use same settings as my incoming server" is selected. If it is not, click on it to select it.
  10. Click "OK".
  11. Click "Test Account Settings" to validate the information you entered in this window. Note If the test fails, double-check the information you input. If it is correct, try the test again.
  12. Click "Next".
  13. Older versions only: select a connection method.
    • "Connect using my phone line" if you dial-up your provider.
    • "Connect using my local area network (LAN)" for all other methods.
  14. Click "Finish". You are returned to the Account Settings window. Note If you have multiple accounts configured in Outlook 2007, you want to set this or another account as the default account. Continue with the following steps to set a default account.
    • Click on the account you want to set as the default account.
    • Click the "Set as Default" button.
  15. Click "Close".
If you are experiencing a problem with setting up your outgoing mail when creating your external email account, please try switching the SMTP port setting to 587 or 8025. Some service providers block port 25 for security reasons.