Why can't I change my banner?

If you're trying to change your banner and find that you're not able to do so - this is most likely because you've selected a style which does not support customizable banners. Not all of our styles have this option.  If you want to be able to change the banner, you will need to select a style which includes the option to change your banner image.

A quick way to determine if the style you have selected has a customizable banner is by mousing over the banner image. All the editing options available for that style will be displayed. 

If you do not see this indicator when editing your site, this means that the style you have selected does not support a custom banner image. To change your style, take a look through the Style menu in the Sitebuilder. We offer over 100 free and Premium styles, with customization options ranging from editable banners, to custom CSS editing!