Selecting the payment gateway for Online Store

The Online Store integrates with a large number of payment gateways. Here is the full list:

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Once you have your account set up, you can add a payment method, or edit existing payment methods, in Settings > Payment

The payment method options are extremely varied and give you absolute control over what types of payments you accept. Not only that, but you can also accept non-typical payment methods, such as a check or a fax order. Payment methods fall into two different categories:  

Online methods

Online methods process payment automatically and would apply to methods such as credit cards and PayPal transactions.

Adding a payment gateway:

1. Go to Settings > Payment.

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2. In the Payment Processor column of the method that you'd like to update and click Change.

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3. Choose the payment type you'd like to accept.

4. Select the gateway you'd like to use.

5. Enter your gateway account information as required.

6. Enable your gateway.

7. Click Save.

Adding a PayPal Express payment method

1. Go to Settings > Payment.

2. On the Payment page, click PayPal Express Checkout.  

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2. Enter the API details in the fields provided. 

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3. Enable your gateway.

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Click Save. 

Adding customer instructions

A customer note is always shown on the next line of the payment method name, and it’s a neat way of adding extra information to your payment methods. A good example of this is if you'd like to work on a Cash on Delivery (COD) basis. Because there isn't a COD payment option, you can simply add this information underneath your preferred payment method. 

You can use only plain text in your notes, no HTML is allowed. To add a note, click on "Instruction for the customer" next to the relevant payment method on the Payment page.

  • Example: The first line, e.g. payment name: "Check".
  • The second line note: "COD: Please pay on delivery".
If you are using a shipping company, you will need to contact them to confirm whether they offer a COD service. For example, UPS will collect a cashier's check or money order on your behalf. For more information about this, visit the UPS COD page. Each shipping company works differently so it's best to contact them to confirm.

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Offline methods

Offline methods don't charge customers right away, they just store the data provided by the customer which you can then process manually. Offline methods include wire transfer, phone orders, and checks.

There are three different types of offline methods:
  • Offline Basic: This processor doesn't ask for any details, it just saves the entered order data.
  • Offline Check: Asks for an Owner's full name, Checking account number and Bank routing number.
  • Offline Purchase Order: Asks for a PO number, Company name, Buyer's full name, and Job position.

You then need to process this information, and once payment goes through, you can fulfill the customer's order.


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