I want a blank style

If you would like a "blank" style, we suggest using Super Flat or Skyline. These styles can be found by going to Style > Styles > Free in your Sitebuilder.

Once you have selected Super Flat or Skyline, you can follow these steps:

1. Go to Style > Settings > Style Designer.
User-added image

2. Under "Colors", locate "Background Image". Click on the square to the right.
User-added image

3. A dialog box will open up.

4. Click on Edit > No Image.
User-added image

5. Then, click on the squares for "Background Color" and "Foreground Color" and select "None". This will remove all the color and make it white.
User-added image

6. Now, locate "Banner Image". You want to repeat Steps 3-5.
User-added image

7. Finally, go to "Content Background" and click on the square to the right and select "None".
User-added image

8. You want to repeat Step 7 for "Navigation Background" and "Footer Background Color".
User-added image

There are also other styles which provide you with a plain white background as part of their background color options:

  • CleanSlate
  • BareNecessities
  • NoFrills
  • SqueakyClean
These styles can also be found in the Free tab of the Style menu in your Sitebuilder. Hover over a style to see the customization features available.