Configuring a domain to point to Yola

Each domain registrar has a slightly different user interface. Yola can only share general instructions with you, but if you are having difficulty following them, you will need to contact your domain registrar for support. Please remember that Yola does not have access to your DNS settings unless you buy a domain through us; so if you run into difficulties we suggest that you send an email to your domain registrar along with the following lines:

"Dear . . .

I have built a site using Yola.com and would like to point my domain name to them in order to publish my site. In order to point my domain to Yola, I need to use your nameservers but set up two A records (address record) to point to The A records will need to be set up to support the address with and without "www"."

Once your domain is pointed to our servers you will be able to publish your site from within the Yola Sitebuilder.

Please note: You will need to upgrade to Yola Bronze, Yola Silver or Yola Gold, or be a part of one of our partner programs in order to publish to a domain that you have pointed to Yola. If you continue struggling, please consider transferring your domain (available only for .com, .net, .biz, and .org domain extensions) to Yola so we have control over your settings. Here is a tutorial with instructions: Transferring Your Domain to Yola.

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