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How do I add my logo to the banner area?

You will have to use a workaround to add the logo to your banner area. Try one of the two options below.

Option 1: Insert your logo via the Page Heading area

  1. Upload your logo to your File Manager.
  2. Go to Page > Page Properties > Heading.
  3.  Copy the following image code and paste into the Heading field.
    <img src="resources/yourimage.jpg">Page heading text goes here.
  4. Click "OK".

Replace "yourimage.jpg" with the name of your logo image file. The file name needs to look exactly the same as what you have in the File Manager, including capitalization, spaces and dashes.

Please keep in mind that you will need to keep your logo picture fairly small, so that it does not push outside the banner area.

Option 2: Replace as a new banner

Yola offers a selection of styles that allow you to change the entire banner image. For this option, you will need to create your own banner image to include your logo.

There are quite a few banner making programs on the internet if you would like to create your own. Some popular ones include: Banner Fans and Banner Maker Pro, (this is not a free program, but they do have a free trial available).

Here is a link to our public forum where a group of users were discussing this topic and gave lots of good ideas: What is the best banner making program?.

Make sure to look at the dimensions of the banner area of your style (click on the banner area and you will see the dimensions displayed at the bottom of the dialog box) so that you can create your banner to be the proper size.

If the banner image can be changed, this will be indicated when you mouse-over the banner image.

To change the banner image:
  1. Click directly on the banner image on your page.
  2. A dialog box will open up that will allow you to "Upload New Banner", "Browse Uploaded Banners" or "Find Stock Banners".
  3. Once you select your image, you will be taken to the Banner Editor.
  4. You can crop and resize your banner image.
  5. If you wish to your banner to all your pages, you need to select "Apply to all pages".
  6. Once done, click on "OK" and your banner image will be added to your page(s).
  7. Save and republish your site.