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Yola’s 5 years old

This month we’re celebrating Yola’s 5th birthday!

I am often asked, what is it that Yola does? I like to think that we are changing the way small and medium sized businesses launch and grow their business online by providing them with an all-in-one solution to create and manage their online presence.

When we started 5 years ago, we helped our users get an online presence using our Sitebuilder.  Over the years we have developed to provide all the necessary premium building blocks to grow your online presence by offering products and services such as a custom domain name, email address, a mobile friendly site, website analytics, a robust online eCommerce store, the ability to link your site to your social networks and much more.  We also work as a small business hub to recommend other trusted 3rd party business solutions that can help you, tools such as appointment scheduling and email marketing.

In 2012 we will continue to work on bolstering our product to give you even more tools and help you to become even more successful.  It has been a fantastic 5 years and we could not have done it without you, thank you!

Over the next few months we will be starting a series of blog posts written by Yola employees that are aimed at helping you with various aspects of your website design and promotion. We will also be giving you an insight into our product road-map and give you a taster of what new features you can expect in 2012.

We’re sure that the next year is going to be even more exciting than the last.  Thank you again for being a Yola user and for all of your support.

Warm wishes,

Trevor Harries-Jones

3 thoughts on “Yola’s 5 years old”

  1. I am starting to really like yola, I am a former SBI client and though I love that website building site as well and I do miss some of their features like the keyword search engines and the fact that I did not have to update every page if I changed several things, i think for the money I pay as a silver member, I get a LOT back from you guys , thanks you and I hope you can stay that affordable throughout the years

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