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Web design trends to keep up with in 2019

Every year brings new trends to the world of web design. Different design techniques can come and go, and the way we use them can change over the years. Today we live in a world of advanced technology, which can be matched by the design of our websites. 2019 has brought us new trends that continue to evolve and give websites today a modern look.


This concept in relation to branding has recently become very prevalent. Many companies strive to achieve the sleek, clean look that minimalism provides. The goal of this design is to have only the necessary elements included in your website. This creates the opportunity for vast amounts of white space throughout the site which gives it a fresh feeling. To achieve a minimal look, the design must also include sans serif typefaces, such as Open Sans, and limited colors. While this may have been seen as plain in the past, today we can see many large companies adopting this new trend. As long as websites include smooth content structure for an intuitive website, the minimalist approach serves as a useful look in the eyes of today’s society. 

Single page design

While the traditional website has multiple pages, the single page design has become increasingly popular. With this style, all of the information included on the website can be found by simply scrolling through the home page. This makes it easier for viewers to find what they’re looking for and leaves a smaller margin for error. When choosing this style, one does have to consider just how much content is included in their site. For example, a small business is more likely to utilize a single page design to effectively illustrate the different aspects of their company in one place. This is a great idea for businesses who are just getting started, however, bigger businesses with more information to convey benefit from having from using many pages to organize their website.

Bold Typography

Typography is an aspect of design that is sometimes overlooked but can make all the difference. No matter how effective the images on your site serve, typography can always continue to benefit it. Bold typography combines words and images in order to get an important message across while also turning heads. Using an element like this can help viewers remember the information on your site due to its’ creative way of portraying it. This feature is not only fun to create, but fun to see how viewers react to these masterpieces included in your website.

Black and white

A black and white color scheme is another element that has only recently begun to shine. Today, choosing to keep it simple with these colors can create a professional-looking website. This color scheme is another daring way to build a clean site that viewers can easily navigate through. Combining this with a minimalist style can be a very strategic way to ensure your design is modern and trendy. Black and white also makes it easier for viewers to see and understand the website content clearly as opposed to including many bright colors which might be confusing. Virtually any type of website can benefit from the use of this sleek color choice. 

If you keep these tips in mind when designing your website, we’re confident that you will be up to date with the modern design trends of 2019.


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