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Site traffic statistics are now available!

Hi everyone,

A question we hear a lot is, “How many visitors are coming to my site?”  Today, we are happy to answer that question by announcing our site traffic statistics feature for all our users.  This feature comes in two levels:

  • Free and Bronze users can see the number of visits to their websites over the last 7 days.
  • Silver users can see the number of visits and the number of unique visitors (also known as first-time visitors) to their websites over the last 30 days.

To see this feature, log in to yola.com and click “Site traffic” on the left.  You’ll see a graph of your website traffic.  Put your mouse on the graph points to get the exact date and number of visits.  You can also easily change between your different sites with the site selector at the top right corner.

Site traffic statistics provide powerful insight into your website.  You can check traffic trends to see if it’s increasing, decreasing, or staying level.  You can get an even deeper understanding of your visitors by analyzing the statistics.  For example, if your number of visits is almost equal to the number of unique visitors, that means over the given time period, most of them haven’t come back to your website.  On the flip side, if the number of unique visitors are very low compared to the visits, it means you’re getting more repeat visitors.

We’re excited to bring you this convenient and easy way to check your free website statistics, all within My Yola.

  • Hi there,
    Site traffic is a great feature long overdue. Thank you Yola. I went to upgrade to Silver last week but I noticed your exchange rate is a long way out the A.U.D is almost level with The Greenback.Another question. Is there a Premium
    Style with each site or is there only one style in the package. My best days are when I spend them updating the Websites. Thank you again Yola. Also can you give me an opinion on how I am going. I’m not one for commenting on the forum although I read it every day. There are plenty of handy hints on there.

    • LauraT

      Hi Robert,

      Our exchange rate is reviewed periodically, but I will investigate when the next review is planned for. A Premium Style is included with Yola Silver and can be added to each site in your account. Your site is very colorful and well organized. You may want to consider making your banner text a bit smaller as it takes up a lot of space which forces your visitors to scroll down to learn more about what your site has to offer.

  • For a while I was thinking that it would be nice to know how many visitors my site is getting and this new feature is exactly what I was hoping for.I didn’t want to install on my site any kind of hits counter because I wanted to keep that info for me and now you gave me the tool I needed.Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • Just great and I love it, exactly what I was looking for

  • Thanx Yola!! I wanted to know how many visits my site was getting also.
    Money well spent, with you. I’m glad I found you.

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  • Karen

    Hi, this won’t affect my Google Analytics tracking code that I installed on my site, will it?

    • LauraT

      Hi Karen,

      You’re correct, it will not affect your Google Analytics at all!

  • tanveer

    WOW , like we couldn’t have done that our selves…
    There are so many tools on the web which let you check everything for free.

    • LauraT


      We agree, there are lots of tools out there that provide the same information and more. Still, we are excited to offer this to our users who want a glimpse into their traffic without adding special code. Some people were still relying on hit counters for their traffic information, so we think it’s important that they can now see it from within their account. It’s a step in the right direction and we look forward to adding more layers of functionality down the line!

  • This is a much needed tool for tracking all who respond to my site-thanks for adding this to our location

  • It is a great feature, but somehow the figures are not the same as google analytics. Is there any explanation for this fact?

    • LauraT

      Hi Renée, Anayltics results are always a bit different based on how the different applications measure visits, i.e. unique vs. not unique, and other factors such as the period of time measured. If you see drastic differences, please email support@yola.com so we can look into it further, but minor discrepancies are to be expected and would occur with all anayltics programs.

  • This is great!I’m excited,1st time i’ve seen like this and of course everyday i’ll visit my site any time of the day just to see how many visited my site.
    And it’s freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  • Loving it!

  • Thank you Laura, I’ll come back to it, if figures are really drastically different.
    By the way, figures are zero since Monday. I know there have been visitors to my site. Is something wrong?

  • I need the site traffic on my site too.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Kepha,

      To see this feature, log in to yola.com and click “Site traffic” on the left. You’ll see a graph of your website traffic.

  • I like the site traffic feature, and I like the Yola sitebuilder, very simple to learn for an old foggie like me. A colleague at work built his site using some other very large well-known company and I converted him within 2 days.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Great! Just what I was waiting for! This helps me so much.

  • Hi Everybody,
    We should all thank the Yola team who has put up an unbelievably simple way of creating a free website – FREE website !Great work Yola Team and it would be appropriate here to thank you a million for it.

    Regarding the no. of visits on the website, apart from what is inbuilt ( graph ), you can have a counter FREE from http://www.Best-Free-Counters.com which I have used in
    http://www.workonNetforFree.yolasite.com. You may check it out.It’s very simple. Go to the site, copy the html code, pull the html widget onto your page and paste the code. Simple enough ? Will be glad if you give a feedback. – Ajit

  • Thanks Yola

  • Kerrie Cervin

    Hey there Good post Please do inform us when I could see a follow up