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Site Metrics 101: Are You Measuring What’s Important?

You’ve built your site. You’re taking advantage of all of Yola’s terrific tools to drive traffic and up your SEO potential. You’ve even started a blog to send more folks clicking at your front door.

Now, how do you measure the effect? How many unique (first-time) visitors have been to your site? What’s your bounce rate? (Or you may ask yourself: what the heck is a bounce rate?)

Of course, your Yola Free or Yola Bronze site comes complete with a super-simple way to quickly check:

  • How many unique visitors you’ve had over the last seven days
  • When they arrived
  • Whether the rate is trending up or down.

Click on the link called “Site traffic” at the left of your “MyYola” page. You’ll instantly see how many visits your site received in the past week. You might want to try Yola Silver if you need metrics for your site visits over the last 30 days.

Over time, your metrics can tell what you’re doing right on your site—and where there’s opportunity for improvement.

Yola Analytics Dashboard

How To Dig Deeper Into Your Data
More-advanced metrics can also help you understand how your customer arrives at your site. Good tracking tools can tell you which websites and search engines are sending traffic your way. You’ll also learn which keywords you’re ranking best for—and how much traffic those keywords refer to your site.

It’s an important loop to get into. The more you learn about your site’s metrics, the better you’ll get at driving site traffic—and the more you’ll have to measure!

To really start measuring your site’s traffic in depth, sign up for a tool like Google Analytics. It’s free, and the step-by-step instructions in our tutorial show you how easy it is to add Google Analytics to your website.

Among other things, with Google Analytics, you’ll know how many visits vs. pageviews you get. What’s the difference?

  • A visit: someone comes to your site and looks around (at one page, or every page)
  • A pageview: counts each time a visitor looks at a different page on your site

These two metrics are important in helping you understand trends and the impact your site is having.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Your Google Analytics dashboard can help you strengthen your marketing. You can focus in on geographical areas that work best for your business. Or start on a strategy towards higher conversion rates. It may look a little complicated at first, but trust us, it’s worth a try.

Of course, your fellow Yola members have some great ideas of their own, so head on over to our forum to hear what the community has to say about how to measure your site traffic effectively.

What metrics are most important for your site? Be sure to let us know!

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