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Over 400,000 royalty-free stock images now available to premium users

Our goal at Yola is to give businesses the tools to build professional websites easily and efficiently.

One way we‘re accomplishing this goal is by releasing our latest feature. We’ve given Yola Gold and Silver subscribers exclusive access to a database of over 400,000 professional stock images – accessible right within the Yola Sitebuilder.

Free stock images with Yola

How can I benefit from stock images?

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again – from the time a visitor lands on your business website, you have roughly 10 seconds to establish what your company is, what it offers, and whether your website is worthy enough for the visitor to continue through the rest of your pages. With studies showing that the average brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, it’s plain the see that website images are a necessity.

But what if you’re not a professional photographer or don’t have the budget for a graphic designer on staff?

This is where stock images come into play. With Yola’s updated stock image integration, premium users can search, import and add stock images to their business websites easily and risk-free.

How to access the library of free stock images

Gold and Silver users have access to the database of free stock images within Yola Sitebuilder, and adding these images to your business website is a cinch.

Within Yola, drag and drop the Picture widget onto your website in the area of your choice and select “Browse Uploaded Images.”

Adding stock images within Yola

Next, select “Add Stock Images.”

Adding free stock images within Yola

From there, you have the option to browse New and Popular images as well as search for a specific category.

Browsing free stock images within yola

Feel free to “Load More Images” to find the ones that suit your fancy.

Loading more Yola free stock images

See something you like? Click on the image and “Import to Files,” or keep browsing to find more.

Selecting your Yola free stock images

Once you’ve imported your images, they will be readily available to you. Choose your image and click “Select.”

Adding your Yola free stock image to website

And voila! You’ve added your first stock image!

Adding Yola free stock images

Each of these images are royalty-free and can be used anywhere. Use them to your heart’s content.

Are you a Free or Bronze user who would like to take advantage of this great new feature? Upgrade to Yola Silver and gain access to these free stock images in addition to advanced mobile features, Facebook publishing and more!

  • Very nice images.

    • Thanks, Coral!

  • Thanks for sharing your Blog Post because I would have missed this added benefit. I am a premium user so this will increase my resources. In addition, I just became a Community User at Eastern Florida State College so I now have access to the College Library of this four year University, in Melbourne, Fl. Everything seems to be falling into place. Expect Abornewords to get better and better.

    • Great to hear, Nicole! Keep up the good work!

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  • We are on the Silver plan, and we do not get 400,000 royalty-free stock images. Do not
    believe all that they say!

    • Hi Groovy,

      Silver subscribers have access to this library of images but using the steps listed above. Are you having trouble accessing them?

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  • Can I use these images in my website ?