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New features – just in time for the holidays

We’re excited to announce 3 new features on SynthaSite.

1. Manage files better in the File Manager. We’ve updated the File Manager so you can now create folders to easily organize your files and quickly find files with our new search feature. We’ve also made the File Manager simpler and friendlier to use.

Search Tip: You can search for specific document types by typing in the suffix of the file, like .jpg, .pdf, etc.

All in all, the new File Manager makes it easier to create larger sites with more images and downloads.

2. Pulling out the stops for custom domains. If you buy a custom domain name from us, we’re making sure every one of your visitors gets to it. So, if you have links using your former .synthasite.com embedded on other websites or emails, we’ll redirect them straight to your new URL

3. Google Friend Connect is now our friend too. You can add the latest and greatest from Google to your SynthaSite website. Google Friend Connect lets people join your site, see other members and invite their friends. It works with any Google account, Yahoo!, OpenID or AOL. It’s a great social networking feature to increase traffic and build a community. Find out more here.

23 Responses to New features – just in time for the holidays

  1. Fizan says:

    Thanx ! you guys are simply great!
    I’m looking forwrd to adding google freind connect coz I’ve visited the site and it looks really promising.

    Again thanx alot ! I Love Synthasite !!!!

  2. Shamus says:

    These look like some new features I will really enjoy. I hope it will make my 4 sites look much better,

    Thanks Synthasite!

    My Sites:


  3. Gina says:

    What do you mean by “google friends”/\


  4. jonah says:

    Hey your website is frick’en awsome!!!

  5. Hi! Thank you for this post. Actually, I’m not very familiar with this topic but after reading your post, it’s clear now! Keep up the good posts like this. Take care!

  6. Kristin says:

    Wow. I love synthasite! I really have website. I tried one other webdsite maker,but synthasite is a LOT easier! thx synthasite!

  7. It is so nice video! Cheers

  8. To all of you at synthasite

    carry on with your great work

    and have a happy and prosperous New Year

    Regards Ernst Weinert

  9. Nicky says:

    Hey hey Synthasite, love love love your website. But, I’m having a bit of trouble with Spamming and Advertising? How can I stop it or at least ban the person from my cbox? Check out my site but its only for kids who have read Erin Hunters Warriors Book Series, no spamming at all please.

  10. k jayaraj says:

    you guys are awesome. website making has never been easier. i got a great site done using your service. my site is http://www.ad-jingles.com

    looking forward to see more features.

    thanks again.

    k jayaraj

  11. Corbin says:

    Here is like heaven! It is so easy to make sites. Alos, it is very fast. It’s free, and they only ask you for your email address and full name! They don’t email you every day! Go to my site below. I only made it and 5 other sites in 3 days! (I’m not completely finished yet.)


  12. Corbin says:

    I have checked out Windows Office. You can make a completely free website. Plus, you can add email for your customers to have an email account on your website! You can even send emails as you@yourwebsite.com! Alos, yo can advertisse for your website! You can have your own forum and everything! It’s like the free pack!You onlyhave to pay for thigs like email hosting! It would be cool if Syntha site would have free emails for your customers, free email hosting@yourwebsite for free! Plus if Synthasite could had a forum for your site.

  13. kyle says:

    The Google Gadget is awesome! Thank you!

  14. jim says:

    new website page on here

  15. williams says:

    i love synthasite it realy cool and it domein i want to have many search option on my site…. thanx

  16. I would like to thanks you all Synthasite! it is so imazing!
    Welcome you all to http://www.vietnambookings.com.vn.

    Nice day!

  17. Dan says:

    Synthasite is easy to use!

  18. financeaussieguy14 says:

    Wow.. New features.. You really give your customers more than satisfaction.. Thank you..

  19. Techjar says:

    It’s AWESOME!!!!! I no longer have to re-upload my Favorites Icon every time I use it!:D

  20. Hi all!
    My Google friend is working wonderful!
    Regards Ernst Weinert

  21. wetwet26 says:

    you guys are great thanks

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