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Free images for your website from Yola and Fotolia

When you’re looking for images to make a website stand out, you might grab a few photos from Google Images and call it a day. But what you may not know is many of the images you come across are protected by copyright laws and legally can’t be used elsewhere.

So, what images can be used on your website? Outside of photos you take yourself, your best bet is to use royalty-free stock images. “Royalty-free” means you pay for an image once, but you don’t have to pay a royalty fee every time the image is used or viewed. They’re also without time limits, so you can use the image for as long as you want.

To help with this, we’ve partnered with Fotolia to bring you royalty-free images to use on your website. Fotolia is the first worldwide social marketplace for royalty-free stock images. They have over 8 million images to choose from, so you can find just the right image to spruce up your site.

To get you started, we’re offering Yola Free members 3 free Fotolia credits, which equals 1 banner-sized image or 3 smaller images. And our Yola Silver members get 10 free credits, which will get you 3 banner-sized images or 10 smaller images.

Sign up to Fotolio to get your free royalty-free image credits. To make it extra-easy, we have a sign-up page just for Yola Free members, and a different sign-up page for Yola Silver members.

Can’t wait to see how you use the images!

  • http://hihihi123.yolasite.com bob king kia

    i need pics help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LauraT

      Hi Bob,

      Did you sign up for Fotolia yet?

  • tanveer

    ever heard of photoshop
    YH Well you can get change the picture around …

  • http://8trackmind.yolasite.com/ Lu Quade

    Of course another option is to google public domain images to discover the many sites hosting images which are in the public domain. These images can be used by anyone even for commercial purposes (i.e. you could put them on shirts and sell them, or print them out as postcards).

    It does sometimes take alot of searching to find what you want though :D

  • http://www.rjusrityalpona.com rjusrity=alpona

    wow…active my “yola” website…

  • http://tonykelts.tk Tony Kelts

    I use my own pictures on my web page. I don’t have to worry about someone trying to claim ownership.

  • http://ahmed.com AJAYI AHMED

    i want to create my profile into my website, e.g my background, my family, how i am and so on.