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Free, high-quality images for your site

iStock Images used in a website
iStock Images used in a website

We’ve all heard the expression “A picture is worth a thousand words”. On your web site, the right images can quickly convey your site’s topic and create an impression for your business.  We created this site using iStock photos.

We’re making it easy to get great photos and images for your site, by partnering with iStockphoto. They have an easy-to-search library full of royalty-free (no licensing costs) images. Prices are as low as US $1.00.

As a special offer for Yola users, you can get 5 images for free (from a selection of 30), and 20% off your first order. Sign up with iStockphoto and find some great pictures for your site.

  • http://ps3tube.co.nr tanveer

    i still dont see the point in paying for these, i can easily use photoshop to make an image HD, Resized, better.

    But i think its an good deal if i wasnt a photoshop expert.

    havent you heard of ‘Google Images’

  • http://EarnXtraSouthAfrica Geraldine

    Hi there,

    Just joined Yola today, am busy building my site – can vouch for ‘Google Images’, it is a great feature, and free!

  • Mada

    Hi Tanveer and Geraldine,

    Unfortunately with Google images you never know if you have the rights to use those images on your sites. Google images is only a search tool that finds images on the web. When you conduct a search, you will see that there is a link to view the image in its original context on the page where you can find whether of not you actually have the rights to use it.

    When you use an iStock image you can be 100% confident you have the rights to use that image. In addition they offer one of the largest selection of filtered, high quality images that can really make your website look better.

  • http://terate Antonio Lelo

    I am so happy with Yola….