Yola News 6

Demo Video for InformationWeek

Emmy Bill, part of our superstar community support team, gave this Yola video demo to the guys at InformationWeek at the Web 2.0 Conference in early April in San Francisco .

Nice job Emmy!

  • This video presentation answered a lot of my questions about Yola. I appreciate the clear cut explinations given about Yola.

    I am currently looking into moving my blogsite. So far I am very impressed with what Yola has to offer.

  • I like this yola.com.For a chance to publish a web site. Thank you

  • nice presentation!

  • Darryl

    This is the best web publishing site on the web! For those who are web creating handicapped as myself this is a God send. Thanks guys!

  • The most problem which is in some website-builders is the “Publishing”….you only can choose between Free (most free) subdomains or domains like .com .net for paying some money….than the webmachine-entry….another complicated thing….to my mind.

    I well hope, that more options for domainnames will be aviable in future….

  • Great vid…anychance of making this available as a youtube? Brightcove is really restrictive.