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Promoting Your Website One Response

How to use web analytics to discover and alleviate issues with your website

In a previous post, we touched briefly on how website analytics can help you identify issues with your site. This post explores three potential problems your online business could face, and how analytics can be used to identify and rectify the problems. Issue #1 – Drop in visitors Here’s the scenario, upon launching your website, you’ve been consistently promoting it and regularly adding new content. As a result, your site … Read more

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Promoting Your Website One Response

How to use analytics and why they’re important

You may often hear the terms “website analytics” or “site statistics” and wonder what exactly these terms refer to, and why they would useful to you and your business. Before we delve into what makes analytics important, let’s define what they actually are. What are website analytics? Website analytics are generally referred to as the measurement, analysis and reporting of Internet in order to understand and optimize website. To put … Read more

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