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The Top 5 Small Business Website Mistakes

In studying thousands of our user’s sites over the years, we have noticed common mistakes that are made by many of our small business website owners. Most of these mistakes might seem minor but often lead to a significant loss of leads and sales for their owners. Often times, the website owners are not even aware of the mistakes and wonder why their websites are not driving enough revenues to … Read more

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How to Be Pinteresting and Gain Website Traffic

Pinterest is a fun and highly effective way to use images to compel potential customers to click through to your website. An “online pinboarding” network, Pinterest is in line with the social-media trend towards visual communication—explaining how it has risen from zero to more than 40 million users in just three years. Join 70% of the world’s top 100 brands, and drive traffic to your business site from Pinterest. We … Read more

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Go On, Get Social: 3 Reasons Your Business Needs to Join the Party

Establishing a social media presence is a must for all businesses. But, why? Here are 3 reasons why your business needs to establish a presence on social media. 1.    It Makes You Approachable Before the internet took over much of our daily communications and interactions, most of us had local experts we would call or go visit when we had a need. For example, if we needed to sell our … Read more

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Drive Traffic to Your Yola Site, Strategy #3: Be an Active Online Participant

The online social arena is full of opportunities to gain exposure, build a strong reputation and drive traffic back to your website. Once you’ve signed up with the right social media sites, start getting involved, connected and noticed. Participate regularly and with care in order to grow relationships and a following. And always include your Yola site address in your social posts and profiles. How Is Socializing Important to Website … Read more

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Drive Traffic to Your Yola Site, Strategy #1: Get Social!

An estimated 1.5 billion people are active on social media websites. Reach even a tiny portion of them and you could draw huge traffic to your website! Not only do social networks give you an effective forum for sending people to your website, but the social traffic helps improve its performance on search engines… bringing you even more traffic. Time to Join the Party You can’t mingle unless you show … Read more

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