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Yola users unaffected by Heartbleed

Last week, security researchers made public a vulnerability in some versions of OpenSSL, named it “Heartbleed” and gave it a logo. Never before has the general public become so aware of an internet security exploit. OpenSSL is an implementation of some secure internet protocols (rules) that take care of the encryption of sensitive data such as passwords and billing information. The reason that Heartbleed captured imaginations the way it did, … Read more

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Giving your site a successful makeover with the help of hidden pages

Giving your site a proper revamp is not so scary, especially since you’ve gotten the details on the science behind font choices, adding SEO value to your site pictures and how to make a custom footer like the big brands. You just have one problem – you can’t afford to take your website down for “construction.” Keep in mind that any edits made to your site will not go live … Read more

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Why we use free and open source software at Yola

At Yola, using and creating free and open source software (FOSS) has been part of our engineering DNA since we started on this crazy adventure seven years ago (to the month!). The importance (and reliance) that we place on open source software is evident in one of our technology architecture goals: Open source solutions are preferable to proprietary ones. Unsurprisingly, many, if not all of our engineers (note to self: conduct … Read more

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Web Design Tips from Yola Buildathon Contest Grand Prize Winner Made by Hol

When launching the Yola Buildathon Contest, our anticipation of its success couldn’t hold a candle to the actual outcome. We were flooded with site submissions and amazing ones at that. Upon contest close, we were tasked with the job of declaring a winner – a more difficult undertaking than any of us had realized. After a long evening full of coffee and tough decisions, we finally had our Grand Prize … Read more

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