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Starting from Scratch: Three Steps to a Better Business Blog

Starting a blog is a great idea for businesses of any size. Here we detail the three key steps to getting yours up and running. Read more

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Where to put a call to action on your website?

If you haven’t learned by now, calls to action (CTAs) are extremely important for any website, especially for small business. They drive users to the next step – to, you know, take action. If you’re stumped on what action they should take, we’ve talked about it a lot over here and here. Not every small business will want a call to action to be “Buy this thing right now.” You … Read more

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5-minute website fixes: Adding downloadable files to your buttons

With all of the Buildathon Contest buzz circulating, we know many of you are actively working to fine tune your site content before clicking that magic “Submit” button. What better quick fix than to utilize buttons of your own? Today, feast your eyes on a quick lesson from Call-To-Action (CTA) 101: Adding downloadable files to your buttons. But I don’t have anything for users download. To start, many of you … Read more

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3 Amazing Websites and Why They Work

After combing through our blog, absorbing everything from creating online personas to why brand identity and logos are helpful for your business you’ve retained all of the knowledge necessary to be a site building buff. The only thing standing between you and a traffic driving, profit building, top performing website is, well, a website itself. So you know all of the key pointers to produce your picture-perfect site, but are … Read more

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What is a Landing Page, and Why Does it Matter?

Imagine this scenario: After scouring blog upon blog, and reading every site building resource you can get your hands on, you feel as though you’ve learned all you need to know about building a successful website. You’ve deemed yourself fluent in tech lingo, and you have developed the use of SEO, CTA, and CTR in day-to-day conversation (or even if you haven’t). For all intents and purposes, you are nearly … Read more

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