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Get your business website found online with SiteWit

There are many key components involved in building a business website, but one of the biggest factors your site’s success is traffic. With 861 million websites on the Internet today, getting found online is not as simple as you may think. And for that, there’s SiteWit to help with your Paid Search campaigns.

What is Paid Search?
Let’s say you’re a personal trainer with a new business website. You’ve optimized your site for SEO, but since you’re fresh out of the gate you’re receiving little to no traffic via search. This is where Paid Search steps in. Paid Search gives businesses the opportunity to be found front and center of search engine results for the keywords of their choice.

When searching on Google, Paid Search result can be found at the top of your screen as well as the right hand side, grabbing the attention of web searchers as shown below.

organic vs paid search results
How do I get started?
There are two different routes website owners can take their take in order to get their Paid Search campaign up and running: Do it yourself, or have it done for you.

Setting up your own Paid Search campaign can be time consuming and expensive if you’re not familiar with the topic (or realistically, even if you are). Our favorite Paid Search solution is the quick and easy-to-use tool, SiteWit.

SiteWit makes generating qualified leads inexpensive and painless. With the help of SiteWit, get your business website found on Google, Bing and Yahoo in just five minutes. Once you have set up your campaign, you will have a wide range of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services right at your fingertips.

These SEM services include:

  • Keyword Discovery: Getting found online is all about keywords. SiteWit suggests new keywords for users to rate on a one to four star ranking system, based on their own business knowledge. SiteWit will then add high-ranking keywords to your campaign automatically.
  • Ad Generation: With SiteWit making ads is easier than ever, you have the option to select ad copy and calls-to-action from a list, or to simply create your own.
  • Engagement Reports: Upon opening your SiteWit dashboard, you’ll be prompted with easy-to-follow analytics to show how your campaign is going.
  • Optimization: SiteWit automatically gives you the best combination of keywords to give each campaign the highest chance of engagement and monetary return.
  • Much more!

Along with Paid Search, SiteWit additionally offers premium website analytics for free. The analytics include everything, ranging from SEO ranking to keyword engagement. Learn more about SiteWit’s free analytics here.

Have you tried out SiteWit? Paid Search campaigns start at just $50/month – gain quality traffic to your business website now!

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