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Yola users unaffected by Heartbleed

Last week, security researchers made public a vulnerability in some versions of OpenSSL, named it “Heartbleed” and gave it a logo. Never before has the general public become so aware of an internet security exploit. OpenSSL is an implementation of some secure internet protocols (rules) that take care of the encryption of sensitive data such as passwords and billing information. The reason that Heartbleed captured imaginations the way it did, is that OpenSSL is the implementation used in about 66% of secure internet sites.

At Yola, we do use OpenSSL across our infrastructure to keep sensitive data private, but we were lucky to be largely unaffected by Heartbleed. This is due to the fact that all the servers responsible for handling passwords and credit card information were running an unaffected version of OpenSSL. As such, we do not even have to suggest changing passwords as an added precaution – we can say with confidence that Yola users were not compromised.

We have taken, and will continue to take, added precautions such as cycling SSL certificates on servers that were running the affected library.

Lisa Retief
VP of Engineering

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Yola now has 9 million users and counting

We’re pleased to announce that Yola has hit a huge milestone, we now have over 9 million users worldwide! This is an enormous achievement, and we’re very proud to be helping so many small businesses, nonprofits and individuals build websites and be successful online. We’d like to say thank you to every one of our users for choosing us as their web building partner, and for being part of the … Read more

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Congress introduces MarbleCoin as mandatory ecommerce currency

In an effort to stop cyber crime, Congress has signed a bill stating that all goods bought and sold online must soon be done in one, central form of currency – MarbleCoin. MarbleCoin is the new, innovative form of currency that comes in a similar shape and form of marbles. Starting this evening, online stores worldwide will be converting their current prices to that of the spherical stones. The law … Read more

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Why we use free and open source software at Yola

At Yola, using and creating free and open source software (FOSS) has been part of our engineering DNA since we started on this crazy adventure seven years ago (to the month!). The importance (and reliance) that we place on open source software is evident in one of our technology architecture goals: Open source solutions are preferable to proprietary ones. Unsurprisingly, many, if not all of our engineers (note to self: conduct … Read more

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Click the Button: Create your own call-to-action buttons in Sitebuilder

We’ve been writing a lot about how to call visitors to action and building websites that are easy to navigate. What better way to drive site visitors to the next page on your website than with a button? Now available in the Yola Sitebuilder, the new Button Widget allows you to create your own call-to-action buttons from “Learn More” and “Download” to “Request a Quote” and “Buy Now.” Buttons are … Read more

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