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Featured Website: David Baker’s Art Projects and Yola Premier

David Baker, an award winning artist participating in numerous exhibitions, inquired about setting up a portfolio website with Yola. Having a keen eye for art, David had many ideas about the aesthetic of his business website, but felt strongly that he needed a professional designer to help with the initial set up. Even though David already had a professionally designed website as well as a large web presence, he was signed up for Yola Premier, our complete and professional web design service.

David had already gone through the process of listing and describing a vast number of his pieces for his original portfolio website. Unfortunately, he had learned some frustrating and expensive lessons and was hoping to find a better solution with Yola.

The custom designed website met his needs initially, but he soon found it was going to be difficult to maintain and update his website on his own. He would either have to sacrifice the display of the website or contact the design company and pay additional fees to make the updates for him.

David is also a member of a website that connects art collectors to artists. Although this website had the benefit of allowing him the flexibility to upload his art and descriptions himself, he was featured alongside numerous other artists. David needs his own, standalone website where he can send potential customers he meets at art events and exhibitions who were specifically interested in his work. Furthermore, he had to pay large percentages of his profits to the website for any sales that were generated through his profile.

None of these additional expenses were conducive to the profitability of David’s art. Something he knew had to change. Having had both of these experiences, David had a lot of questions and concerns before signing up with Yola Premier. He now knew exactly what didn’t work for him and wanted to ensure he wouldn’t experience any similar pitfalls after investing in an online business profile for the third time. David wanted to ensure that once his business website was designed by a Yola expert that he would be able to change the featured art easily as well as continue to add new pages and new artwork continuously. Reassured that it would be simple for him to manage, he decided to proceed.

Within weeks of launching his Yola website, David shared an exchange that he’d had with a friend who had complimented his site. He had this to say about his experience, “I’m proud of the way it looks and works. I had some sophisticated requirements and needed experts to build it, not a novice. We had regular verification emails and reviews. The staff are kind and generous with their time and ideas, and the prices for all levels of membership is very good. I like the way they took my ideas and materials and turned it into a nice experience.”—David Baker

David's Art Projects

We wish David every success as his art career takes off – we can’t wait to see how his work, and in turn, his website, evolves!

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