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5-minute website fixes: Highlight key business details with the Color Picker

When customizing font properties site-wide in the Yola Sitebuilder, you can maintain a consistent look and feel with Style Designer.

But sometimes you don’t want to change your site’s properties across the board. You may only want to draw attention to just one word or phrase. And for that, there’s the Color Picker.

For example, let’s say you’re the proud owner of a new Tapas restaurant downtown. You’ve built the menu page for your website, and it’s almost perfect. After reviewing your competitors, you notice that you have better food and for a better price. The missing piece for your menu page is to draw attention to your plate pricing like in the image below.

Example with font highlights

While in Sitebuilder, highlight the portion of text that you’d like to change.

Highlighting your text with Yola

Select the Color Picker from your Text Widget Editor.

Selecting the Color Picker

Then type in the desired HEX color code. Don’t have a specific color in mind? No problem. Simply choose the color of your preference on the left, and the shade on the right.

Choosing a color on Yola

Once you’ve picked your perfect color, click the “X” and revel in your excitement.

Adjusting font colors with Yola

Now, highlight to your heart’s content.

Changing the colors of your fonts on Yola

Have you taken advantage of the new Color Picker feature? Give us the details on your customizations below!

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