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5-minute website fixes: Adding a favicon to your site

You wake up this morning, stumble out of bed and start your morning routine. Slippers? Check. Breakfast? Check. Coffee? Check. With everything in order on this typical Friday, you login to your computer and casually browse the Internet, catching up on the hot topics you may have missed in your slumber. First stop: CNN. You type in the URL and upon page-load, something catches your eye that you’ve never noticed … Read more

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Congress introduces MarbleCoin as mandatory ecommerce currency

In an effort to stop cyber crime, Congress has signed a bill stating that all goods bought and sold online must soon be done in one, central form of currency – MarbleCoin. MarbleCoin is the new, innovative form of currency that comes in a similar shape and form of marbles. Starting this evening, online stores worldwide will be converting their current prices to that of the spherical stones. The law … Read more

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Yola!

Today we decided to take a page out of our own playbook. We’ve used Style Designer to create a fun St. Patrick’s Day website for Yola users to browse and gain site tips. This festive website makes use of: The new Button Widget   A variety of custom headers As well as  a few helpful links to site-building articles. Click around the website and let us know what you think! … Read more

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5-minutes website fixes: Look like a big brand with a custom footer

When it comes to the design of big brand websites, there are a few things they rarely stray from: clear calls-to-action, a memorable logo, and a custom footer. Although your site’s footer may not grab the attention of your audience the way a call to action or a logo would, it should not be dismissed – a successful footer can act as a right-hand-man for your site’s navigation. These footers … Read more

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5-minute website fixes: Using custom headers to change the tone of your site’s copy

While creating a website, once you’ve decided on its content, your excitement gets you building like a well-oiled machine. You’ve developed your brand, chosen images and written your copy. Alas, you’ve reached completion. Analyzing your freshly built website, you suddenly realize the monotony throughout your text. You’ve developed such interesting copy, and don’t want to waste it on bland formatting. How to your fix it? Let your text work in … Read more

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