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Yola News 11

Save 20% this week on everything at Yola

The seasons are changing, and we’re pleased to announce a sitewide sale here at Yola. For one week only, everything is 20% off. That’s right, everything. This includes our popular Custom Domain Names (get a .com, .org, or even the new local domains,, ca and .eu), a Yola Pro account upgrade, Premium Styles and Yola Link Removal. So if you want your site to stand up and get noticed, … Read more

Yola News 10

Customize your site

We know Yola site owners really like being able to modify and personalize their sites to meet their needs, so we’ve added some new features that provide even more choices. We’ve improved banners and backgrounds, added an option to take out the Yola Link, and added new Styles. Change your background We’re greatly expanding the number of Styles that let you change the background of your site. We also added … Read more

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Yola News 4

Free, high-quality images for your site

iStock Images used in a website We’ve all heard the expression “A picture is worth a thousand words”. On your web site, the right images can quickly convey your site’s topic and create an impression for your business.  We created this site using iStock photos. We’re making it easy to get great photos and images for your site, by partnering with iStockphoto. They have an easy-to-search library full of royalty-free … Read more

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Promoting Your Website 4 is live… Watch “Intro to SEO”

Find your site on Google We want our users to get the most out of the sites they’ve built on Yola, and part of that is helping those sites get found by the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.    In addition to articles and tutorials we’ve published about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we’re bringing you a webinar on, which covers: 1. Keyword research 2. Writing search engine … Read more

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Yola News One Response

Yola Store: Shop Till You Drop!

Hi All! We are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of our very own Yola store! Many of our loyal Yola customers tell their friends about Yola, and we really appreciate that. Now you can sport Yola on branded Tees, Jackets, Bags, Badges and much more. You can even kit your pet out with their own Yola outfit and bowl. I’m thinking of getting the cute dog outfit, and I … Read more

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