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Alyse successfully created and maintained sustainable brands through traditional, online, and mobile marketing channels, utilizing web content, social media, advertising, search, lead nurturing, and integrated strategies. She has seven years of online marketing experience, specifically inbound and product marketing.
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Is paid search really worth it for small businesses?

Paid search, pay per click (PPC), cost per click (CPC), search engine marketing (SEM), Google AdWords, lions, tigers and bears… oh my. What does it all mean? Simply put, paid search is when you buy keywords and create ads that will show when someone searches for those keywords. Paid search can be a great tool for small businesses when done right. It will put your business in front of people … Read more

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Using science to choose better fonts

We’ve previously written about the psychology behind good content, how to choose the right font and how to structure your content, now it’s time to add a little more science to the art of website building. First, fonts have feelings. Well, not really. But they do evoke feelings from your readers. Humans created them, after all. They also have cultural references too. Have you ever come across a site that … Read more

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Spring Cleaning Your Site Content

It’s springtime! This means time for snowmelt and sunshine and website cleaning. That’s right. Get ready to welcome new business by cleaning out any old or outdated information on your site. Here’s a comprehensive checklist on a few quick website fixes that will add more value to your business. News, events and calendars When was the last time you updated your news page? Is the copyright date in the footer … Read more

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SEO Predictions for 2014

Search Engine Optimization has changed significantly over the past few years. As more and more websites become live and the competition for keywords grows, staying afloat and in front of customers becomes a true challenge. In the last year, search engines have shifted immensely and, unfortunately, targeting keywords alone isn’t enough. However, knowing your keywords still remains important. SEO has become more and more content-centric, and this still includes keywords. … Read more

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How to effectively prioritize content on your website

Content is the lifeblood of your website. It’s king. We here this time and time again. Heck, we’ve even said it here and here and here. This is because good quality content increases the likelihood that your site will convert visitors. So by now, you know that you should be writing website content and continually updating your site with fresh content (the easiest way is through a blog on your … Read more

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