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Announcing the Yola Style Designers Community

Hello creative Yola fans,

We are happy to announce the Yola Style Designers Community. The goal of the Style Designers Community is to create a means for designers who have experience with web design or graphic tools to easily submit new Yola Styles and earn money from their work.

Check out the program at:http://styledesigners.yola.com/

Some important points to keep in mind are:

  • We are looking for visual designs only, in layered PSD format
  • Designs must follow our Design Guidelines
  • Designs should keep in mind the Yola Audience
  • We only pay for submissions if we accept the style (and we only use accepted styles) – read more in our Terms and Conditions
  • Images you use must be images you own either own all of the rights to, or stock images that you can direct us to, and that we can buy redistribution rights to. Images you find on the web and don’t have redistribution licenses for are NOT acceptable.
We’re very excited about this initiative and we look forward to your Yola Style Design submissions!
  • http://www.wernerjvr.co.za Werner Janse van Rensburg

    I’ve been expecting this for a while now and was glad to see your blog post announcing the Yola Style Designers Community.

    I was quite disappointed to find that you have opted for a fixed price model. While it makes sense for your free sites, great quality premium themes could drive Yola to the next level and you already have the right platform in place.

    Why not consider a royalty based model for premium themes available only to your Yola Pro members?

  • http://www.capesites.yolasite.com Mohamed

    I think its a fantastic idea to reward yola sites with prizes. I suppose it makes you more creative and enhances your site. Thank you YOLA

  • http://agathachristielovers.yola carol sinnott

    I would be ever so grateful for a comments receptacle. I blog everday and I need to know what my readers are feeling and want.

    Carol Sinnott

    • SanjaW

      Hello Carol

      Right now Yola does not have its own comments widget, but we have integrated with a third party service, Disqus (pronounced “discuss”). You can use this service if you want to enable comments on your blog.

      Here is how to do this:

      1. To get the comment code, your site needs to be published.
      2. Click on the “Blog Manager” button.
      3. Click on the “Settings” tab.
      4. Click on the “Disqus” logo to visit http://www.disqus.com and register for an account by clicking on “Sign up, free”.
      5. Register your site in the blue box. Enter your site URL, site name and site short name.
      6. Create your Disqus Profile in the green box. Enter your username, password, and email address.
      7. Click on continue.
      8. Choose your language and any other optional features you’d like to include with your commenting platform. Then click on continue.
      9. In the “Choose Install Instructions” box, click on Yola/Synthasite.
      10. Copy the code in the #2 box.
      11. Go back to your blog manager settings, then paste the code into the box. Then click on Done.
      12. When you preview your site and click on the blog title, you may see this message: “This page could not be reached by Disqus. If you are testing locally or on a password-protected page, please use the disqus_developer parameter as detailed here..” – please don’t worry about that. You just need to update your site and you will see the comment box working on your published site.

      You only need to add the code to your site once, and the comment feature will be enabled for all of your posts. You can then log in to your Disqus account to moderate any comments.

      Please note that the comment box will only show up on your published site when you click on one of your post titles and scroll to the bottom of the post.

      Instructions are also available on the Disqus Blog.

      For full instructions see this link.

      Please let us know if you have any trouble with this. You can send us a note to support@yola.com.

  • Sally Day

    I have a tradional HTML website at Fatburncleanse.com and I have been thinking about turning it into a blog. So my concern has been that the overhead of WordPress plus a sophisticated design system like Yola will create overhead that will be slow. Right now it is a great deal of work to add new pages or change the design which is the problem, but, the pages open almost instantly. Would I lose that with Yola?

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