Yola News 2

A new way to easily create a website with Yola

Hi everyone

We’re excited to let you know about a first round of changes we just released to make creating a site with Yola even easier than it was before. In our research with customers, we hear over and over that you want a little more help to get started with your site, and not just be left with a blank page to start writing on. So, we listened, and here’s what we did…

Step 1: Select a category & add pages to your site

Now, when you sign up with Yola (or create a new site) you will have the opportunity to select a category for your site, and we use that information to recommend different pages you could include on your website. You can de-select any pages you don’t want — and you can always add more pages later!

Step 2: Pick a style

When you go to the next step, you can select a Style for your website. We recommend certain styles that might work well with the website category you chose, but you can choose any Style you want:

It’s as easy as that! In the next step we create your site for you with all the pages you selected.  We also recommend a layout and some widgets (with instructional text on what to put in each widget) to get you on your way to a great-looking website.  As always, you can ignore our recommendations and customize your site as much as you’d like — it’s your site, so have fun with it!

This is only the beginning, and were excited about the next phase of the project, where we’re going to take this approach a step further.  But I’m getting ahead of myself, I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Let us know what you think, and happy site-building!

Rian Van Der Merwe, Sr. Product Manager