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How Diversifying Your Content Can Help You Gain More Traffic

Guest post written by Jessica Edmondson When I say “content,” what’s the first word that comes to mind? If you answered “blog posts,” you’re not alone, as the terms have become pretty much synonymous. But as more and more companies develop rich and vibrant online presences, a blog-only content strategy just isn’t going to attract eyeballs (and clicks) like it used to. To really drive traffic with content, you’ve got … Read more

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How to use web analytics to discover and alleviate issues with your website

In a previous post, we touched briefly on how website analytics can help you identify issues with your site. This post explores three potential problems your online business could face, and how analytics can be used to identify and rectify the problems. Issue #1 – Drop in visitors Here’s the scenario, upon launching your website, you’ve been consistently promoting it and regularly adding new content. As a result, your site … Read more

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Get The Most Out of Your Business’s Google+ Page: Part One

Guest post written by Jessica Edmondson. You’ve heard it a million times. As a small business, you must have a Facebook page, and a Twitter profile, and you should also be on LinkedIn and Google+, and hey, why not throw Pinterest in there too? It’s not that this advice is wrong, really. All of these platforms can be an important part for your content marketing calendar. It’s just that different … Read more

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Why Keywords Are a Big Deal to Small Businesses

Article written by Megan Totka, Chief Editor for We’ve noted in the past that SEO is often the elephant in the room when it comes to small businesses and their websites. What if we told you that the elephant in the room had its own elephant? SEO, keywords and keyword research remain some of the most controversial, hot-button topics, when it comes to small business and a good rapport … Read more

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How to gain users and keep them engaged

So, after starting your own business and diligently taking it online, you sat back with anticipation waiting for your site to welcome tons of visitors. Subsequently, it seems as though the waiting game hasn’t dealt you the hand you’d hoped for – your numbers have yet to budge. How do I gain an audience and keep their attention? You wonder. Well, you’ve come to the right place! From driving users … Read more